Mountain Retreat

We just returned later last night from a six day retreat/team leader meetings in the Nagano mountains with our Asian Access colleagues.
Here are a few highlights for me:
–Getting to know some new members of the A2 family: Joe Handley and his family and Margaret, my new bath buddy!
–Being inspired – touched — by the messages of our friend Scott Shaum. There is a lot brewing in my heart right now… I very much am thinking about the rythyms of our lives and what God wants to shape me to become. It felt like his messages from the Word just continued what God has already been doing in my life. It was just what many of us needed..

–Eric and Scott had several chances to go bird-watching…both in Sanda and up in the mountains. I’m looking forward to going with Eric when we can as he develops this new hobby.
–The kids, as always, had a great time playing with the other children and hanging out with their “aunties and uncles”, playing in the snow (the first two days), singing and dancing.
Here is an amazing performance completely organized and choreographed by the teens and taught to the younger children in just two days:

–We had a baby shower for the new baby of our Japanese business manager.  Our friend Anne did water-color prints of their three children’s names, meanings, and Bible verse for each one.  It was wonderful!  (Anyone interested please go to Anne’s website at


–With our A2 family, we had a chance to remember family members who aren’t in Japan with us now. We loved the video clip from Bobby and Claire; we all had a chance to cheer as we watched a TV clip of Angela winning on Wheel of Fortune:

Way to go, Ang!
–I loved the way that Scott closed each of our sessions. These words have stayed in my heart:
“Let nothing disturb thee; nothing afright thee; all things are passing, God never changes;
patient endurance attains all things; who God possesses in nothing is wanting; alone God suffices.”
(Northumbria Community)


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