Lausanne and Leadership

Several years ago I was asked to serve on the Lausanne Leadership Development Working Group.  There have been ebbs and flows in my level of input;  adding a fourth child to the mix has definitely made it impossible for me to attend the Cape Town meetings this October.  But it’s been wonderful to connect with some amazing leaders around the world and here and there be able to provide some input.  I’ve appreciated all that I’ve learned even long distance.

I was asked in February to write a monthly-or-so leadership blog for the “Lausanne Conversations” website.  The Lausanne Global Conversation (LGC) is an opportunity for Christians around the globe to wrestle with important issues related to world evangelization, in connection with Cape Town 2010.  I’ve loved reading and learning from the varied articles, blogs, and comments that really are coming from around the world.

Anyone can become a “free” member — join the conversation!  I’d love your feedback/input on some of the topics I’ve been thinking/writing about, as well.

Here’s the blog on Authenticity:  A biblical or cultural value?

And the blog on Spiritual Authority:  A Platform for Kingdom Success

You can select from many topics of interest – I’ve been enjoying learning about orality and the Bible.  God is doing some exciting things around the world;  I’m thankful for the tastes I get that make me want to worship and know him more.

I’m late to get another blog posted there- keep an eye out for it!


2 thoughts on “Lausanne and Leadership

  1. Thanks for sharing the links, Sue. I had a minute to read the Authenticity one and, was just getting into the comments when motherhood (my sweet Jun) called. I look forward to getting back to it soon!

  2. Hey Sue, I enjoy your articles and am looking forward to your next Lausanne post. Even more so looking forward to having the fam over at the Handley home soon.

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