On Pins & Needles

Part I:   Pins

On Wednesday Owen had a graduation party at the local bowling alley with all of his classmates, their moms, and the two teachers of the graduating classes.  The kids were divided into groups of threes, with moms in the background pressing the “call” button frequently to reset the game, get the balls that were stuck in the gutter, etc.  The teachers rotated like stars among the groups, aptly handling the photo shoots with the moms and kids.  During this time, the moms presented the teachers with a group present and album that each child had contributed to.  I was impressed again at the orderliness of the event — everyone working together to help the children, and the teachers, celebrate and remember.

img_1455One thing Owen hadn’t reckoned with was that real bowling is a tad different than Wii bowling… He didn’t quite hit is 200+ Wii bowling scores!  But he had a great time playing, and a fun time with his special friend Y.



Part 2:  Needles

Our close neighbor friend, Mrs. I, has been insisting that I come with her to visit her new doctor.  He is a chiropractor/acupuncturist.  She kept telling me how much he has helped.  

So, yesterday I went!  It was my first acupuncture experience, but I was pretty excited to try this. After a ten minute time of resting with heat packs on my back, the doctor came and began putting needles into my back.  I could barely feel them — only one had a tinge of pain as he put it in.  He left them for about ten minutes, then came and took them out.  (While he was out and I was laying on my stomach with needles in my back, I managed to blindly feel for my camera, fenegle it over my head and take the picture below!)

I can’t say for sure how much it helped- he had me come back today again since we are just starting treatment.  But the price is right (about $5/session!) and I enjoy trying something new that may help with my ongoing back problems.  Anyone wanna try?



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