My first real “ministry” coming back was a cooking class I was asked to do for a group of women on Thursday.  One of the leaders of this community group lives in our neighborhood and is the only other Christian we know nearby.  (She attends another church).  My friend Yasko helped me, and we taught an Italian recipe of homemade meat sauce and ravioli.  It was a bit stressful at first, but great fun.  I practiced on our family the night before- and it really is a good recipe. (Don’t you love the size of that rolling pin in the left photo?)













It was a good activity to come back to… as I sat with different ladies and cooked, ate, and talked, I was struck again by why we are here.  These women are wonderful… so open to building relationships.  Rubbing shoulders and cooking ravioli with 18 ladies made me think that this is what is about.  Building relationships through common interests.  And as we share these interests, finding chances to share the Hope that is within us.  Several women have already contacted me about getting together, or joining one of our English classes.  God can make a difference.



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