(Not) Only in Japan: Universal Smiles

I remember nine years or so ago, Eric and I happened to go by Baskin Robbins in South Pasadena on the free scoop day in May… it was worth the stop!

On Friday night we were shopping at the mall in Sanda and Eric noticed a huge line forming at our local…. Baskin Robbins!  It’s called “31” here, in honor of its original flavors.  And yes, free scoop day on May 9th is universal!  We had to make a donation (of any size) to Unicef, and were given free scoops.  The delight is clearly the same across the world, as you can see from our children’s smiles.  Even the Colonel, watching across the way, seemed to have a twinkle in his eyes.


One thought on “(Not) Only in Japan: Universal Smiles

  1. Awww! We missed it! We’ve been to it the last two years at our local 31.

    I’ve tried to estimate what would have been the equivalent of our purchase–the clerk taking donations nearly refused it the last time! Obviously people were there for the free icecream, not the unicef donation…

    Glad you all had chance to enjoy this.

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