The Men

On Saturday Eric’s men’s English class had a last hoorah before we go to America. One family offered to host a BBQ for the ten men and their families…Since it was raining, we ended up having a “nabe” party (pronounced na-bay)…which is a large hot pot in the middle of the table to which we add meat, soup, and vegetables, and as we sit around and talk everyone helps themselves to yummy cooked food.

Several families couldn’t attend, but we still had thirty men, women, and kids squish into a rather small home by American standards. The lunch event went until — 6 pm! And even then everyone went home reluctantly.

There was one table for the men, one for the women, and one for the kids. The greatest thing was — this group of 8 Japanese men (and Eric) – sat around the table and ate, and talked, and laughed and talked and ate for five hours. They rarely left the table. The wives and kids had fun too- but it was as much fun to watch the men interact. Eric said that a number times, the conversation naturally turned to Christianity and the Bible. There was one other Christian there, and as the men conversed sharing about faith was just a natural part of the conversation.

This is why we’re here! We recognize what a special opportunity God has given Eric to minister to Japanese men… it is extremely hard to build relationships here because men are so incredibly busy and committed to their jobs. This group is committed to each other, and they love being together.

Please pray for these men and these relationships. We are praying that even while we are in the US these relationships will continue to develop. Just as our one friend George came to believe in Jesus through this group of relationships, so we pray for others, as well, who will choose to know and follow their Creator.


One thought on “The Men

  1. Hello,

    I graduated from Fuller last year and am now pastoring a church in Wakayama with my family. I have heard your name because Prof. Bobby Clinton told me you are in Japan when I took his classes. I also heard your name when we attend the worship at Hope Christian fellowship in San Gabriel. I pray for your mission in Japan.

    God’s Blessings,

    Masa Kinoshita

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