Only in Japan- the slipper thing

Yesterday was Annie’s opening ceremony into yochien/preschool.  It was a special day-a real blog to come soon about that.  It’s a HUGE deal in japan… all the moms dress up more for this event than even weddings.  Every mom wears a spring suit, high heels, nice jewelry…

The most interesting thing about the dressing up, however, occurs when we all have to go inside for the ceremony, and to go in to the classroom for the initial “meet and greet” time.  At this point, all the moms and dads reach into their bags and whala! pull out their favorite house slippers.  Although we’ve gotten used to it, I suddenly got the giggles in this large auditorium as I looked around at all these beautifully-dressed adults, decked with diamonds and pearls on top down to very expensive designer hose…topped off by – house slippers. It really is worth a good smile…


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