Lost and Found #2 Update #2

For those of you who think that we dug the contact out of Olivia’s diaper and I’m wearing it now-

April Fool’s!  I was tempted, but…instead I went to the eye doctor to replace it.  The staff asked what happened to the original… I started the story by saying, “You’re probably NOT going to believe this, but…”  When I told them, they were quite surprised, and one of the staff dutifully asked, “Is your daughter alright?”

She is fine.  We’re thirty dollars poorer but I can see again.  Happy April first.


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found #2 Update #2

  1. Oh, man! I should have known!! You’re Sue Takamoto. How can you go through April Fools without something like this?? Good one, Sue:)

    By the way, our little guy turned 9 on that day! Can you believe it??

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