Easter Picnic: Dyeing Relationships

We just had our Easter outreach five days after Easter. We invited adults and kids from four of the English classes that Eric and I are teaching. It was supposed to rain, but as the morning progressed it became sunnier and we had a beautiful day. Thanks to those who prayed for us!

We loved the whole event… about 18 adults came, and 27 or more kids! We started with a picnic lunch in which everyone brought a potluck side dish to share…Then two of our Japanese partners shared the Easter story using large drawn pictures to illustrate what happened. We loved watching the interest among our Japanese friends.


Eric then led the kids in some fun Japanese games…


Then, we did the long-awaited Easter egg hunt, with 140 eggs hidden…and Easter egg dyeing. For most kids, it was the first time to do either of these American traditions, and we loved watching how much fun they had participating.  Several little boys asked, “do Americans kids really get to do this every year?”


Perhaps the best part of the event wasn’t the activities, but the building of relationships that happened throughout it. We loved seeing our Christian friends and neighbor friends interacting in such a wonderfully natural way. Our goal in doing events isn’t to get a certain number of participants or even to “teach”, perse, about Christian events, but rather to build natural relationships, and create an environment that makes non-believers want to know more. By this standard, it was wonderfully successful!


This Easter picnic will hopefully be a tradition for years to come here.  The beautiful variety of child-created Easter eggs is a wonderful picture of the beauty and diversity of the church that God is building here in Sanda. God is so creative, and He is using all kinds of people, all ages, to communicate His message of love to the Japanese people. We’re so thankful He’s chosen us to be part of HIs plan here!



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