Can you give me video suggestions?


For the leadership course that I will be teaching at a seminary in Tokyo the last week of August (27-31), I would like to use a few video clips to help illustrate some of the significant points. One of the things I will be hopefully teaching these Japanese pastors and church leaders is that we need to be teaching in a style that is relevant to today’s culture with a goal of transformation rather than passing along information. I am trying to make my own teaching style as interesting and relevant as possible.

Since I am terrible at remembering scenes in movies, I’m wondering if a few of you might have some ideas that you could pass onto me (either by a comment or an email). The following are some of the topics that could be helpful to have an illustration from a video: (note that I will need to find the video in Japanese, so it can’t be too obscure):

1. Servant Leadership (ie a clip that shows a leader who is really serving his/her people)
2. The power of encouragement and praise
3. Teaching that was inspirational and transformational
4. A leader who goes through a paradigm shift
5. A leader or coach who goes the extra mile in encouraging/day-to-day training
6. A person who goes through a major transition and through that undergoes transformation.
7. The power of synergy/collaboration.

Any of these examples would be really helpful. If you could tell me what the actual scene is (and about where it is in the movie) that would be great. Thanks for your help, and your prayers as I continue to work away at the lesson plans!


3 thoughts on “Can you give me video suggestions?

  1. Here’s a couple of ideas. The first is probably too obsure to be useful.

    4. A leader who goes through a paradigm shift – Romero, starring Raul Julia (1989). This tells the story of Archbishop Romero of El Salvador. There’s a couple of scenes near the beginning that show how he is transformed into an advocate for his people.

    6. A person who goes through a major transition and through that undergoes transformation. – One movie that comes to mind is Kagemusha by Akira Kurosawa. This tells the story of a thief who is forced to impersonate a dying warlord. I can’t suggest a specific scene, however; it’s been too long since I’ve seen it. I’m not sure how you could make use of a movie like this, however.

  2. Hi Sue,
    When I think of an inspirational coach, I think of Remember the Titans. There are lots of good scenes, but I think the one at the end (of course) is the best. You could probably fast forward through the movie and see where Coach Boon is talking. Michael thought of Lord of the Rings, the last movie, toward the end when everyone is pushing on the castle wall to get in, and Gandolf gives an inspirational talk. Also, Aragon gives some good encouraging talks. We will see if we can find any of these scenes on U-Tube and will let you know. Hang in there with the preparation. It sounds daunting, but I know I would love to hear you lecture, and I know you will do a wonderful job!

  3. Hi Sue,

    You could do your whole talk using nothing but Lord of the Rings. I suggest you watch the trailers online to get some ideas. See and One scene that comes to mind is when Aragon is given the sword and told “Become who you were born to be.” I think it is near the end of the first movie. King Theodon could be an example of a servant leader (second movie, I think).

    When I was a student at Bethel College in St. Paul, I took a course called the Theology of Mission. We were required to read Lord of the Rings and write a paper on Tolkien’s contribution to the Theology of Mission.

    Did you get my email with suggestions from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Eat Drink Man Woman, and Oginsama? I’m not sure how reliable email is. Wish I could see your lesson.

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