Yesterday was a fun (but expensive) first in the life of our family… we took Owen and Annie to see their first movie in a theatre. Both of them had really liked the previews for the Disney/Pixar movie called Ratatouille. The only problem was- the theatres nearby where it was showing had it dubbed in Japanese. So we found a theatre in Kobe (about 45 minutes away) that was showing it in English, and made an afternoon of it. Friends watched Olivia, so we drove to Kobe, had lunch, and watched the movie.


They both really enjoyed the whole experience. Once in a while they would talk in loud voices and forget that others were around us, but we all enjoyed the movie and the (slightly stale) popcorn.

The bummer was later adding up how much the family date day cost us! Movie admission (about $8 each for the 2 kids; $15 each for us); one drink and one small tub of popcorn, tolls and gas to and from Kobe; a simple lunch; small gift for babysitter… and we’re talking $100. Honest. We are really really liking video movie nights at home. But it was still a special first.


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