Sweet Things

Today, Mother’s Day, has been full, full.  Several sweet things stand out:

1.  The picture my four year old drew as a mother’s day gift for me at kindergarten.  It’s four for four:  every one of my kids at this age has drawn my hair with the black crayon, like every other child in their class.   I guess we all look alike.  I like my happy eyes in the picture.  (The message says:  thank you always!)



2.  My husband.  Even though we had worship and a wedding celebration after that (saving this for another blog!), he and the kids made me feel really special today…. many times over.  Owen went with Eric last night and picked up a really fun scarf (and hat!) for me… they bought a beautiful white rose plant… Eric made my favorite dinner… and they gave me my favorite dessert – macarones!  Each of the kids shared after dinner what they love about mommy.  That was the best part.  Today, on numerous occasions, I just felt flooded with thankfulness for four such amazing children.  (Even when they draw me with black hair!)


3.   I’ve had twenty five mother’s days since my mother has been gone – and every one has been tough at some point of this day — even really busy ones.  Today an amazing friend gave me an amazing package. At the end of the wedding celebration I received it — a special gift in memory of my mom.   I sat in the car and cried – both for my mom and for a friend who would understand and show so much love.




One thought on “Sweet Things

  1. Your mom was such a special woman. I remember so clearly the stories of the backwards dinners, pranks, etc. She made your home a fun one. I guess that is where you get it! You are carrying on her legacy, Sue. You have a Christ-centered home that is filled with joy and fun and purpose. What a gift you give your children. They are blessed. I know today is hard for those of us who have lost our dear sweet mothers. But I know yours would be SO PROUD of the life you are living!

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