Housing (Non) Update

A few friends have written to ask if there are any housing updates — so we wanted to let you know that we still don’t have housing, but we still do have faith (most of the time!) in a God who loves to do the impossible… who makes axes swim… who brings life from death… who calls and provides, every single time.  (Though not necessarily in the timing of our liking).

A realtor in Ishinomaki sent a house link to the Huddlestons last weekend as they were coming to Osaka for a week.  It is not listed yet, so there is no price on it.  The realtor said to Jennifer, “Is big OK?”  And she said, “Yes, big is good!”  And then she – and we — saw just HOW big.  It is huge.  It is a compound.  It is almost funny how big it is.  From the google earth photo, you can see that the tsunami came into the home, but we don’t know how extensive the damage is.  For the price to be anywhere near possible, there will have to be some tsunami damage!  If God were to provide this home, it could be an amazing place for volunteers, as well as to start a business for the locals in Ishinomaki who have lost their jobs.

Other friends/realtors are also looking.  We are praying for whatever housing the Lord will provide.  A rental would be the easiest.  If it is a home for sale, we still are not sure how that will work.  (We can’t take out a loan on a home because we don’t have permanent residence here).  We are looking into different options, such as an organization/individuals who could help fund the home, and then we would pay them monthly like a mortgage.  If you have any creative ideas, please share with us!  More importantly, please keep praying.  We have given notice to move out of our home here in Sanda by the end of March, in order for our children to start the local schools up there in early April.

On Sunday we were greatly encouraged by a gathering in Osaka for Hope for Japan, sponsored by Be One.  It is a wonderful “family” of people from the greater Kansai region with a heart for helping those who have had disasters this past year, including Wakayama.  Scads of churches from across the region are represented, which is one of the sweetest things about these gatherings.  Olivia and Ian couldn’t figure out why many of us were crying as they gathered around and laid hands on us… but it was touching and faith-building to realize that many are “with” us in this move.  Thanks for joining us in prayer.


2 thoughts on “Housing (Non) Update

  1. Keep TRUSTING Sue…HE knows what HE is doing. May you, Eric, Ian, Owen, Annie and Olivia experience HIS SHALOM as you wait ot hear from HIM.


  2. trusting with you. wish i had a magic wand…but that wouldn’t increase our faith or give us a story to tell for God’s glory.

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