Fans and Gardens

Just a brief update from Eric and the teams up in Ishinomaki.  Eric is working this week with a team of summer and long-term Asian Access missionaries.  This morning they spent at a coin laundry doing their own laundry plus that of a construction team that is there working on the Be One home.  Then they went shopping.  Eric bought 25 electric fans to distribute in the neighborhood.  He went and asked the neighbor the best way to distribute them, and she arranged to have them picked up by word of mouth at dark.  She was afraid that the word would get out and it would get tricky.  Eric assured her that they will buy more if they are needed.  It is not a big purchase, but will make a huge difference in the heat of summer!

They also have worked this week on clearing out a large area that will be used for children in the community to plant gardens.  Isn’t that such a great idea?  Here are two photos of the team at work.  Roberta is in the first photo;  Nozomi is in the second.  Please pray for one of the team members who lost his wallet several days ago.  Our kids have been praying and we are hoping for a miracle.


2 thoughts on “Fans and Gardens

  1. AWESOME! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the news from Eric’s group.

    Hope also that you are doing better today!!!


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