Images from around the World

There are a number of earthquake-related things that have touched me today.

Here is our friend Phil Foxwell interviewed on Fox news.  I love how he responds to these questions.  (you may need to copy and paste the link to see it – but Fox News gave Phil’s Christian message amazing airplay).

And then I watched the video of a group of children in Kenya singing their sorrow with all their hearts for the people of Japan.  They don’t even know my people here but they feel, they know the sorrow.

And finally, here is an email that I received today.  It is from a good friend of my sister and brother-in-law.  He is Indian, in ministry in Mumbai.  How it touches me that the world grieves with us; the church around the world is responding.

Dear Sue:
How are you? I am a friend of Beth and Gene. I live in Mumbai, India.
Ours is a small house church with about 20 people. Beth has been to our church a couple of times. We love her and feel she is a part of our church. I have been to her house in Philly a couple of times. So, when we heard about the tsunami hitting Japan we thought of you and your family. We praise God that you and your dear ones are safe. We are praying for the people who are affected by this calamity. On April 1st and 2nd our church will be praying for 24 hours as chain prayer. Kindly send us some specific prayer points. Beth has given us the link to your blog and a few days ago I read some of the postings.
Sue, our church desires to support the relief work that you and your church is doing. We want to donate Rs. 100,000 (a little over US$ 2000, wish we could give more.) As we were praying and discussing about it, we felt that it would be good to support trauma counselors who could minister to people and pray with them. Please feel free to use a part of the money for any other urgent need that you think is important and critical.

Here are images from the Atlantic that are unbelievable.

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