His Purposes

One of the things that Eric and I remembered the most from our CRASH training six days before the earthquake was that going in after a disaster requires one to serve in ways you may not expect.   You may not do what you thought you were going to do, but if you go in willing to serve God can use you in many unique ways to accomplish His work.

The guys have done that today.  This is one of my favorite pictures coming out of the zone.  Eric and Peter went to my colleague Ootomo Sensei’s church to help.  This is what Eric just wrote with the accompanying photo as I was getting ready for bed:

We went to ootomo sensei’s church and his son made us wash boots! It was fine — we sorted all the supplies he received from churches and arranged his storage closet and blessed him much.

Eric also sent a photo of himself with Ootomo Sensei as well as a staff member from our former church, Sendai L’Abri.  Seeing these three men together in the same picture brought tears to my eyes.  Only God could think to bring them together at such a time as this for his purposes.


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