Safely in Sendai

Eric and the guys made it safely to Sendai tonight.  There were some challenges getting enough gas along the way to get there – the last rest stop they had to wait an hour for the pumps to be refilled – but they are in downtown Sendai now at a seminary that is serving as one of the base camps.

Tomorrow they will go to the Sendai Airport to help unload and begin distribution of the tons of supplies that are being flown in by Samaritan’s Purse.  The images of the tsunami hitting that airport were just incredible – I can’t quite imagine what they will find when they get there.

Tonight there was a 6.1 aftershock in the region.  Eric said they were fine, but it was unnerving for some of the crew with them.

On the home front, I went to the doctor’s today and found out that I have influenza A!  Not the news I was hoping for.  I found out that two other moms from Annie’s class also have it.  Pray that Eric doesn’t get it – that is my greatest prayer.  I was overwhelmed today in the midst of my feeling miserable when two different community friends brought meals over.  I’ve just sort of limped through today and prayed that nothing too crazy would happen with our kids since I have zero energy to do very much.

One other note.  Our friend Shelly H. from D.C. arranged through a friend to fly my sister Hannah here!  She will arrive on Monday night and stay for a week.  I am so thrilled.  The children shrieked with delight when they heard.  I hope I won’t be too contagious when she comes, but I am looking forward to her hanging out with her nieces and nephews and being part of our lives.  This is her second time to visit us here.  Thanks Shelly and other friends who helped make this happen!



2 thoughts on “Safely in Sendai

  1. So very sorry to hear you have the flu. My heart just aches for you, Sue. How I wish I could do more to help. What a blessing that Hannah is coming! Praying, praying, praying for all of you! Eric just cannot get this!

    Take care and know there are so many holding you up during this very difficult time.

    Love you!

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