Sendai Airport

Just got off the phone with Eric and wanted to share this update and then get to bed… The guys after arrival  had just had a briefing at the Tokyo CRASH headquarters assigning them to go to Ibaraki prefecture (the most southern part of earthquake/tsunami zone) and work on setting up a base camp.  Five minutes later, the director came in and said that Samaritan’s Purse is flying in 90 tons (NINE ZERO WOW) of supplies and they are going to land at Sendai’s airport.  (If you saw footage of the airport you know it’s a miracle that anything could land there!  The government apparently has cleared off enough of the landing strips for rescue vehicles to land).  They need “all hands on deck”… and would like our guys to first go up to Sendai and unload the cargo so that it can quickly be distributed to those who need it.  First thing in the morning I need to call our Sanda truck rental and see if we can extend the contract by two days – pray that they are willing.  There is a shortage of trucks and this would be a big help.  As Eric just said, all of these plans are in the hands of Jesus and they are just listening minute by minute, knowing that anything could change by the morning.


3 thoughts on “Sendai Airport

  1. Susie: Will be praying for Eric and Peter and Kent. Praying too that Hannah will get to you and the children while Eric is gone. So wish I was there to help. My sister in law Rita (Larry’s youngest sister) called this morning from San Francisco to see if we got home okay. She wants to make a donation to Asian Access and said that Rod’s (Rita’s husband) company will make a matching donation. SO glad we can make people aware of Asian Access’s relief efforts during this time. We love you and know that we will be praying.

  2. Our prayers are with your family as you provide supplies and comfort to those in need. In our small way we’re trying to help out via Alla’s Youtube Russian Lesson viewers and online students.

  3. Please note my new e-mail address. I appreciated your thorough information regarding the earthquake aftermath. Also learning how we can provide aid to you and those in need was very helpful. Blessings, Becky

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