Saturday night

It is Saturday night and we wanted to update our family and friends briefly before trying to sleep. I am sorry we haven’t had a chance to respond to individual emails, but we are very thankful for them. We can’t get Internet tonite so I am posting this via my cell.

you may be getting more news of total damage than us; we just read of a village in Miyagi with 10,000 missing. we know it will continue to be much worse- already near unimaginable.
Between meetings we tried to reach loved ones on our cell phones. we still have not connected with our friend Reiko’s family. Owen was just praying for them again before bed.

we were so happy to finally get ahold of Kazue again. she was able to drive out to the church and thankfully it is there and everyone is accounted for. we wept for joy. they have no electricity or cell phone connection at all. right now the pastor’s home is empty so it is possible that Eric and the guys who go to do relief could stay there.

at this point they are planning to return to our homes, gather the right supplies and then go from there.

tomorrow morning we will share about a donation account being set up to go directly to relief work.

thanks for praying. we just heard that though it’s not too cold in Sendai, there have been some blizzards blowing adding to the danger.
over ten percent of the country is without electricity because of the nuclear reactor problems.
more tomorrow…


11 thoughts on “Saturday night

  1. I am praying for you all. Watching the news closely for updates. SO thankful that you all are okay, but I know your heart is heavy for so many close friends. Hope you have news soon.

  2. Sue,

    Just to let you know we are praying for you as we hear about the quake and tsunami. How are you and the family doing?

    Henry Goh

  3. thanks for these updates, Sister! We are continuing to pray. We continue to hear from friends who are asking about you all and praying. Now particularly praying for sleep, as much strength and wisdom and endurance will be needed for the days ahead. As your plans solidify, please do let us know. Still so thankful that you are all safe and well.

  4. Oh, Sue, our hearts are so heavy. We are praying for you and for those you love, and for all of Japan. Thank you for posting updates. We love you, The Bonds

  5. Sue and Eric,

    A picture of your family still adorns the door of my office. I have surely had you on my mind and heart, along with friends and colleagues of yours. Timing of the disaster relief training can surely be seen as God answering prayers before we knew of the need. Know that you are in the prayers of many and that God weeps with you in those times when the loss seems to overwhelm and holds you close always.

    Hugs to you all,


  6. My heart is so heavy with sadness about the tragedy and keep reading/watching any news I can get to find out more. So glad you and your family are safe and am amazed of the timing of the retreat, of your earthquake disaster training, and thankful that you all were at the retreat instead of enroute. Thankful that 4th Pres folks are there with you to help. How amazing that the Sendai church is intact and all are ok – wow!! that is unreal! Please keep us posted as you can. We will continue to pray. Japan has been on my heart to pray like never before; praying God will use this to bring many to Him. Love, Lauren

  7. we’re praying. we are thankful for your presence there, for such a time as this. we eagerly await news on where to send money.

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