The God of our City

We are preparing to come back to Japan in a few days with many mixed emotions– how can it be otherwise?  Tonight Owen was listing all the places we could go upon our return;  the friends we will be able to meet again;  the Japanese food we can once again enjoy.  But there are always tears, as it means once again parting from loved ones.  Those who know me or have read my blog consistently know that this is the most difficult challenge for me in being a missionary…

We have truly loved the care, hospitality, and encouragement that we have received through our visits with friends and family.  And the interest in our ministry in Japan!  Now that we have had a chance to show our 2010 Takamoto DVD to various churches and friends this summer, we wanted to make it available for any of you who would like to watch it.  It is just under five minutes, and shares some of the things we are excited about even in returning to Sanda in a few days.  Please pray as we prepare to return, for our three connecting flights to get there (my special request is that they will give Ian a seat on the international flight and not need to be on our laps the whole time);  for all six of us as we adjust back and help the older three children, especially, prepare again for Japanese school which will begin shortly.  Thanks.  For sure, for sure, we are confident that the God of Sanda is waiting to continue His wonderful work there.  And we are so thankful that he is willing to use us to help accomplish that.


2 thoughts on “The God of our City

  1. Loved watching this and getting a better feel for your lives and the work you are doing in God’s name. Also, one of my favorite songs! Lots of love and Hugs!!!

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