Up with Olivia!

Great friends… lots of balloons…. dinner and cake…. and surprise guests! – made Olivia’s 4th birthday party memorable on a number of counts.

Olivia has loved the Pixar movie UP! since friends gave it to us over Thanksgiving.  So it provided a great theme for her party, and some fun ways to be creative in the celebrations.

Look who showed up — Carl and Russell!

The kids were thrilled….

Considering the fact that we had very few cast to choose from, Peter and Eric looked pretty good….

Others didn’t look quite as genuine, but cute nonetheless…

We loved it that our friend Hide called that morning and wanted to have us meet his girlfriend – so they joined in the festivities as well.

There was only one possible cake I could make for this event — Carl’s house.

We gave Olivia one of those gifts that you later sort of want to shoot yourself over… her own little Hello Kitty piano and attached microphone!  She LOVES to sing, and ever since our March retreat she has loved imitating the two wonderful female worship leaders, Jessica and Laura.  So we have had non-stop music in our house the past day or so.  Olivia certainly knows how to make a joyful noise, or two, or three.  We’re thankful that as she struggles to adjust to her first week of school that people who love her could celebrate the wonderful ways God has created her.


3 thoughts on “Up with Olivia!

  1. So cute! Glad the family has enjoyed Up – & Mr. Frederickson & Russell look great!

    We miss you guys & your family’s been in our prayers =)

  2. I wish I could have gone too!!! It looks like it was an amazing party. I can’t believe that Olivia is already 4 years old! It feels like she just arrived yesterday.

    You are a true champion Sue! Not only is the cake FABULOUS (was this a 2? or later?), you sacrificed your own needs to bless Olivia with not just a piano, but a mic too! Love you guys so much.

    • Megumi- we almost pushed the party back to Golden week so you could be here…It would have been perfect if you had been here. And I’m sure it could have been a 2 o’clock cake instead of a 4 o’clock cake – ha!
      Christie- Thanks for the inspiration for the party….

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