Why Today is Exciting

The kids have been counting down the days until today (Friday) for two reasons:

1.  Tonight our friend Megumi is coming to stay with us for a week!  She used to live 45 minutes away from us in Japan and would often spend weekends with us.  She is the greatest babysitter and part of our family.  When she finished her 3 years of teaching in Kobe, she took another job up in the Tokyo area and even in the U.S. we missed just the thought of her being so far away.  We’re excited to welcome her back home!

2.  We’re glad that she’ll have something to sit on once she comes — our new couch is coming today!  While we were gone last summer, our couch and living room rug were ruined by the terrible mildew problem in Japan and had to be thrown away.  We bought a couch for a great deal last week, but it couldn’t be delivered until today. Our living room has been quite bare and unwelcoming without it — the kids sit on cushions on the hardware floor and can’t wait for something REAL to sit on.  (Neither can we).

3.  This morning we take Annie back to the doctor’s to have her tested again for Influenza A – Olivia tested positive yesterday (2 down)… and while Annie showed some of the symptoms she tested negative.  We remembered that she’s the only one who got the flu shot in the U.S…. so maybe they really DO help and she has just a light version?  We’ll keep you posted.  But just so you know we have had THREE sick children at home.

4.  Today I am going for the FIRST time to Ikea Japan!  Eric and I were supposed to go earlier this week to look for a new rug, but because of sick children haven’t been able to.  So we decided to have me and our friend Mary go in the meantime and see if we can find a rug to warm up our living space. (Here’s a photo of what our living area — and two sick kids– look like now:)


5.  Gold mines!   I know I’ve been quoting so much recently from this devotional, but daily it touches me and resets my mindset.

The external world is always in flux– under the curse of death and decay.  But there is a gold mine of Peace deep within you, waiting to be tapped.  Take time to delve into the riches of My residing Presence…. I am Christ in you, the hope of Glory.


3 thoughts on “Why Today is Exciting

  1. Hope you had a blast at IKEA, and that you have a great week with Megumi. We haven’t had time to see one another since Christmas…

    Sorry about the influenza!

  2. That’s great that Megumi is there! Tell her we said hi and that we LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Miss Megumi!!!!!!!!!!

    She just purchased an entire box of Manga Messiah for our ministry, and I’m loving reading through it. Jesus is veeeery kakkoii!!!

    See you all soon.

  3. IKEA!!! I’m so jealous… I’m definitely coming to visit now!!! 😀 Your poor kids!! The flu is no fun… Miss you guys!

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