Some Quick Prayer Updates

Thanks for comments welcoming us back. It has been a week since we returned, and we are enjoying readjusting to Japanese life. The kids started well in yochien (kindergarten), but on Monday Owen came down with the very contagious Influenza A. It lasts 4-5 days; we’re hoping the girls don’t get it! In some ways it has limited what we’re able to do but it’s probably good to be slowed down as I’ve been battling some kind of sinus cold as well.
Housing: Our ministry partner Mary has been looking for housing in our area, and had found a great home right up the street from us. We put in her application, and just found out last night that the owners rejected it (no reason given — possibly because she’s American? a missionary? hard to say, but unfortunately not unusual). Pray that God will provide just the right home for Mary — both for the long term and short-term –and help her not to be discouraged.
We are also still looking for housing for our family, as well. So far there is nothing. We are putting a lot on hold in terms of purchases we need to make for our home (a bed instead of crib for Olivia, dresser for Owen, etc.) until we see what happens. March is the main time when Japanese move, so pray pray pray with us!
–Finally, pray for our ministry with our church.  Our church has gone through some challenging transitions with much unknown about the future.  We want to be ministers of grace and peace.

Thanks…We’ll continue to update and value your prayers for our family.


One thought on “Some Quick Prayer Updates

  1. Hi Sue, Thanks for the updates. May God heal Owen quickly and watch over Olivia and Annie! Will be praying for housing. Tim

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