Two Bits of Good News for those Depressed about the Economy

1)  New Jersey gas keeps getting cheaper!  I saw it today for $2.56!  Can you beat that?  If not, please drive to visit us and get gas while you’re here.  

2) On Sunday morning, we had the privilege of speaking three times at First Baptist Church of Collingswood.  We heard the interim pastor’s message twice – and enjoyed it as much the second time as we did the first.  Pastor Bob was preaching from John 15 about the fruitful life.  There was one quote that has stayed with me.  He said (paraphrased), “I think God is pleased to answer our prayer during these challenging times to make us wise and to make us generous.”  Listening to the news too much these days is incredibly discouraging.  I have numerous friends who say that when their retirement statements come in the mail they don’t open them because they don’t want to know how bad it is! Rather than being gripped with fear, there is something we can do: pray — God, make us wise with what you’ve given us;  and make us more generous.  I’m giving it a try.


2 thoughts on “Two Bits of Good News for those Depressed about the Economy

  1. I can absolutely understand, even though I’m stuck in the college ‘bubble’ I know how bad things are. We’re in prayer on campus for change and wisdom, but we are content resting in God’s perfect will and timing. And we beat you here in Minnesota – 2.29!!!!

  2. Sue and Eric,
    We missed you in Osaka this weekend, but prayed for you as you are involved in presenting the ministry at your mission’s conference.

    I DID just look at our retirement balances, and then looked at where they were in dollars over the past four years…That was after we were looking at the yen rate… BUT, we’ve been through rough times before, and we have seen God’s faithfulness and provision.

    In the team leader meeting, we talked about how its possible that we who have to “live as faith missionaries” may have some encouragement to pass on to our friends who are discovering more of what that means in the current economic times.

    Blessings on you all!

    PS–when we walked into the CAJ gym to drop stuff off for thrift shop on Wednesday, someone handed us a stack of photos of Owen as a baby that were wrapped in paper with our name and PTA number on them! Apparently they were in something you sold under our number last year! I have them saved…

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