Hannah (& the rest of us in) Montana

We had a really great vacation week in Montana visiting my sister Hannah and being joined by the rest of our family. It was the perfect change of pace between four or five long days in the car on either end. Here are a few highlights of our time:

Our whole family was able to be there! My Dad and his wife Mickey came, despite Dad having been hospitalized just before coming. Times like this are very rare, making us all appreciate it all the more. On Sunday, our family sat outside in the Big Sky Country and had our own worship service, led by my Dad. He’s 81 years old, but still planning and thinking how to make a Sabbath special and turn our hearts to God.

One of the funnest two hours was our rafting trip down the Flathead River in Glacier National Park. We had no idea what we were doing but laughed our way through it. At one point, I couldn’t help myself– I jumped off the ramp and had to swim in the beautiful water. If I hadn’t been helped into the boat about 30 seconds later, i think my blood would have frozen– but it was still worth it!

The kids loved the jacuzzi and the great bubble baths it afforded…

My sister Hannah and the rest of our family planned a great surprise birthday dinner for me. I can’t even remember the last time I have celebrated my birthday with my whole family there. It was an unforgettable memory.

We had a great dinner one night with our friends, the Petersons. They are the ones who first taught us the singing grace before dinner, “Oh, the Lord is good to me…” which has since become our standard grace song in Japan. It was fun to all sing it together before dinner. Later that evening, Leif did a reading from his new collection of short stories, Normal Like Us. We loved it.

Our family’s favorite memory was an amazing hike we took in Glacier National Park. It’s a great hike… 3 miles in that ends up at Avalanche Lake, a glacier lake that still almost takes my breath away. We loved it that all three of our kids were able to hike in and out as well. (Olivia slept in her Daddy’s arms the whole back, actually). We love Montana!!


3 thoughts on “Hannah (& the rest of us in) Montana

  1. Oh Sue – this looks like a wonderful time! How precious that your whole family was together! And how neat to celebrate your birthday with everyone. When is your birthday? These are memories you will hold in your heart forever! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We sing that song for grace, too! It’s called the Johnny Appleseed song. I got curious about who actually wrote it. It was written in 1948 for a disney short, “Johnny Appleseed.” You can watch it on Youtube.

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