In Stitches…

What on earth are our friends Laura and Megumi sewing in our living room?stitch2.jpg

Later addition to entry:
Don’t ever leave your suitcase unprotected at our home! One of the short-term team members found his underwear sewn together (the leg seams) several days later when he went to wear them. He thought his mom did it- what was he thinking? Incidentally, there were actually 2 guys who left their suitcases here. The second one, however, was too challenging as we couldn’t tell what was clean and what was dirty. So we settled for just one.


7 thoughts on “In Stitches…

  1. SUE!!! You framed us! hahahahahaha

    I had no idea you were taking pictures!!!!

    And why didn’t brett and damon say anything during our time? Maybe they thought their homestay moms did it…

  2. I thought that my mom did it before I got on the plane…yasuko was the one that let it out of the bag…haha…but I had no clue it was you guys!

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