It’s for what? (Only in Japan, #1)

Our friend Laura is here visiting us for the next ten days… if you look closely, you can see her with my cell phone taking the picture through the mirror in the far right corner.
What is the purpose of the sheathy thing over my head?

I’ll post the answer in a few days if no one guesses it right.


3 thoughts on “It’s for what? (Only in Japan, #1)

  1. Hi Sue. My wife, Debbie, thinks the “sheathy thing” is to protect your hair and keep makeup off your shirt when you’re changing clothes.

    Jason Z.

  2. Ditto! My friends never use them, but I always do b/c i feel guilty changing when i wear make-up on my face

  3. Debbie is close. These are found in nicer clothes stores… you need to put it over your face when you try on clothes to be sure that your makeup doesn’t transfer to their clothes. Good job, Debbie!

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