Vote for who’s cuter…

When certain family members see that I have posted this video, it might not remain here too long, but while it’s here…which of my boys do you think is the cuter singer in this video clip?
The video is featuring a game that we received last year from our friends the Bernards. My kids LOVE this song, so Owen sometimes will pull it out and play it – and sing it – for the girls. The friend in the background is Megumi – she’s the one who first suggested I video this (so Eric, it’s her fault!). Please only play this one time, or else the song will be stuck in your head FOREVER….
(Sorry about Olivia’s fussing in the background).


4 thoughts on “Vote for who’s cuter…

  1. Oh, the Duck Duck Goose song! Well, I must say Owen is the cuter one with his energetic way of singing the It Burrows In Your Head The Song Is So Catchy song, but Eric sure gives him a run for his money.

  2. The only thing that could make Eric any cuter is if the girls had been playing hair salon with him and he had barettes in his hair!!! (You will have to get pictures of that sometime for the blog!) Owen is over the top cute! So I guess Owen wins!

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