Hot springs

Since Monday is our day off, we decided spontaneously yesterday late afternoon to pack a picnic and go to the park. On our way home, after dinner, the kids started chanting, “onsen!” “onsen!” (= hot springs). This is one of their favorite places- the hot springs public bath near our home. We consented, and stopped home to grab towels and pajamas and went and enjoyed soaking in the hot baths outside and inside (naked, segregated by gender, of course).
I had the two girls, and after coming out and getting pajamas on, there is a room containing large mirrors, blow dryers, brushes, lotions, etc. where women can primp and get ready to go back into the real world. We have discovered that Annie is quite the primper (Now really – should a 2-almost-3-year old already be a primper??) First she had to blow dry her hair…then clean her ears, then put on lotion…It takes her longer than me… Here are a few photos:

Here they are, all scrubbed up in the lobby:

One of their most favorite things about this particular public bath is the COW elevator that takes us down to our car. You really have to SEE it to believe it. Here they are waiting with great anticipation for its arrival up the hill:

Here it comes~!

Getting on, and going home:

And finally… a favorite photo from our day. It’s been a long, tiring day, but there are times when you just have to laugh.
We found Olivia with these seasoned, sour, li hing mui dried plums piled in her lap, filling her cheeks, and falling out of her chubby fingers.


3 thoughts on “Hot springs

  1. Everytime I check your blog I smile and laugh!! These pictures are too cute. I love the ones of Annie primping!! Just wait until your girls hit high school!! 😉 LOL!
    Thanks for the smiles! Love, Diane

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