Amusement Joys

Yesterday was our day off, and Owen also had a free day because of his Saturday open house. So we took advantage of this and had fun at a nearby amusement park especially geared for younger children (“Toy Kingdom”: It was the perfect family day- everyone, including Olivia, loved it. At one point we were all riding on little race cars (a bit squishy on adult legs!) and laughing as we went around the rink- and I felt such a sense of joy and contentment for the family God has given us. Sometimes, playing is really good medicine!



2 thoughts on “Amusement Joys

  1. Hey guys! Great website. It’s great to hear all the things that are happening in Sanda. I scan and read everything you guys send looking for familiar faces and stories of what the Lord is doing through you. Damon of course always updates me about the goings on in Sanda and with you. I told him I’m jealous because he’s going to be with the Haji’s and you guys this summer. Jen and I continue to pray/plan out when we’ll be out there; a lot depends on job stuff and vacation time. Sigh. But we’ll definitely let you know when. Take care and hope to hear from you soon! Blessings…


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