Some Good Medicine

Today we’re so glad for Japan’s national health insurance. Owen had a trip to our local dentist for his first cavity at 4 pm; Eric went to the chiropractor around 5 pm; then I went to our local doctor just before they closed at 7 pm (a Urinary Tract Infection)… everything totalling less than thirty dollars. But more than the low costs and what we receive from Japanese doctors – here are some examples of good medicine for my soul:

Eric’s pentecost message
Above is a photo we took off our pastor’s blog of Eric’s early-morning Pentecost message last Sunday on top of the mountain. Pastor Fujii apologized on his website for asking Eric to give the message just the day before, but he said he’ll be asking it a lot more from here on out (I guess that means he did a really good job!) Love this photo; love this man! Coming home after a full day of teaching English and meetings to see him taking care of the kids and the house was the first good medicine.

Tomorrow I will be flying with Olivia for the weekend up to Sendai in northern Japan, where we used to live for two years. Our good friend Hi-chan is getting married- hip hip hooray! She is 43 years old- we prayed with her for many years that God would bring her a husband, and He has. Our Sendai pastor arranged this match, with a Christian from another church in the area. It should be a great occasion as we celebrate God’s faithfulness.

Back on the homefront, Eric will be attending Owen’s kindergarten open house (with Annie, too) on Saturday. This is a special open house that allows Dads to attend who normally can’t make it during the week. Then, Saturday night they will attend Jaye-san’s annual concert- it should be a fun time for them. Please pray for our family as we are separated and very busy, and pray that I will be feeling better so I can travel tomorrow afternoon. It will be fun but crazy being reunited with many friends in Sendai for a short amount of time, as well as caring for Olivia.

This afternoon my friend Kazumi and I had our weekly LTG (Life Transformation Group). We read Proverbs this past week, and Kazumi shared from Proverbs 17:22 – “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” I told her that she so often is good medicine for me because she has a joyful, cheerful heart, no matter what is happening. Being with someone like this can change my mood so quickly.

Tonight at dinner our family grabbed hands (this is to keep kids from grabbing food) and sang our grace song. Even Olivia joined in the “Amen” part… And I thought that even while feeling pretty lousy, God has surrounded me with some great medicine. I am very thankful.

Here’s a short video I took earlier today of Molly and Olivia battling it out over a monkey. Who do you think wins?


2 thoughts on “Some Good Medicine

  1. What a great video!!! And this blog is good medicine for ME!!! I love hearing about your lives and being able to pray more specifically!! We miss you and love you, Diane, Phil and the girls

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