Showers and bathtubs

Today has had a lot of unexpected hiccups in it.  But before going to bed I want to blog briefly about how special it was to share today in our A2 group celebration of some people I love so much…. we had a surprise baby shower for Robert and Robert A., fellow missionaries who are expecting their first in just about 2 weeks.  She recently wrote the most blog about their journey through the pain of a miscarriage to this point here.

I can’t wait for their baby to be born!  We don’t know if it will be a boy or girl but I know that he or she will have the chance to grow up with awesome parents!  Here are a few pictures of the fun today.

IMG_0585 IMG_0588 IMG_0578

Our friend Casi made the diaper cake (above!)- LOVE IT!  That is one kind of cake I haven’t tried to make yet….a whole lot less fattening, for sure.   The ducky-themed bath cake was a bit more fattening, but a lot of fun to make.  I loved using fondant for the water faucets and the 3D bubbles.



Robert trying on the nursing smock… nice!IMG_0591

I wish we had taken a picture of the rest of the group there!  As we celebrated, ate, laughed, and prayed together, I was reminded of a year and a half ago when our group of women had been together and Roberta shared about their recent miscarriage.  We all wept – there were no words.  Today, as we laughed about the names that Robert has vetoed so far or Roberta’s impression that babies poop just once every couple of days :), I was almost unable to speak as I was overcome with thankfulness to God for His sweetness in bringing us through the challenges of life and leading us back into times of joy.  Love you, R & R!



One thought on “Showers and bathtubs

  1. Big, BIG thanks. We felt so loved (and super surprised!!). The cake was awesome, and we really enjoyed spending time with team, the prayers, the game, the gifts, the advice, and the yummy tacos. We are so grateful 🙂

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