Online and Coming Soon…

Thanks for those who read my latest post and prayed for us.  (CD – thank you for your encouraging words and the idea to do this post!).  We had a really good meeting today in which I really sensed the work of the Holy Spirit in all of our hearts. It was a special time together.  Thank you – really! – to those who prayed and have been praying.  I asked the women what our most expensive line of jewelry is – they all looked at our board with the different lines and prices and said the “Aiko,” which is made of pure silver and selling for $120.  But I said no- the line with the most value is the relationships between me and each one of them, and their relationships with each other.  This is what needs to be strong;  this is what needs to last. I have been convicted of the need to pray daily for each of these women and our mutual relationships.

I have been so encouraged by the reception of those who have ordered and received Nozomi jewelry!  On a very limited basis, we have sent out large orders ($1000-1500) that churches or individuals have paid for up front and then are selling at bazaars, jewelry parties, or to friends and family.  It has been exciting to sort of “test market” our products and to get such wonderful responses.

We VERY much want to get some jewelry into the hands of friends and family who have been asking how to buy it.  Our biggest hold up right now is setting  up a payment system.  We are trying to become nonprofit, and that will change everything about how you set up a bank account, paypal, etc.  We don’t want to get into tax trouble by not doing it correctly from the beginning.  We also don’t want to jump right into internet sales and find that we weren’t ready.

We are preparing a short internet trial for those of you who would like to buy Christmas gifts.  Our hope is to have a limited number of $111 packages of jewelry over the coming few weeks – where you can choose your package, pay for it online, and we will mail it to you.  This amount will include shipping (express shipping will cost a bit more) and depending on which package you choose, you will receive 3 – 5 pieces of Nozomi jewelry.  We are hoping this will streamline the process enough for us to handle it at our end.  Those of you who are READING this are the very friends for whom we want to make this available.  I will let you know as soon as we are launching so our Takameter blog/Nozomi fans can have first divs. 🙂

In the meantime, a friend of Be One, Sandra McCormack, has been helping us tremendously with our logo and website.  She’s done an amazing job –all as a donation to our work.  The website is up and running and I’m really excited about it.  Even though you can’t buy products there yet, you can see our various designs  and find out more about the Nozomi Project and Be One.  We will keep you posted about when sales will begin.



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