The past two days have been oh-so-full. With relationships, teams, meetings, driving, friendships, and lots of stories.

Many of you have asked- and have been praying– today the land that we have been praying about in Watanoha was officially purchased by Asian Access! It will be the future site of our new home. In God’s special ordination of things, two special leaders were in Ishinomaki and came to to the land for a few minutes. We walked the area, and Ken prayed a special prayer of dedication and God’s richest blessing on the land, the future home, the community, the plans that God has laid out. (Sandy- he asked about you.. and when you are going to come and visit me. Soon, I said). Ken is the founder of a few organizations, and still going strong. His heart to love the lost has always inspired me greatly…Having him there today was a special joy and gift from God. Eric was at another meeting when he came, but was able to track them down at their next meeting and spend a few minutes with Phil and Ken.

There are still some sticky issues about the layout of the home and a second home that the mission is wanting to build next to it – all related to the parking and driveway entrance complexities. These issues are making it hard to finish the basic design of the house, which needs to happen as one of many steps to come. Pray for all of us to listen to God; for Him to take us through this process. Our days are so full – it is hard to find the energy at night to tackle some of these issues that need to be figured out.

Seeing Ken even briefly today reminds me of God’s desire and love to do the impossible. When Ken has a God-sized idea, he doesn’t let anyone stop him. He goes for it. And God blesses His far-fetched, crazy ideas. He has started four (?) organizations or so… his legacies reach across Asia. We are in a city that has been totally messed up, turned inside out by a tsunami and an earthquake. It’s a great place for God to come and do some crazy stuff. Even in building relationships every day here, I can see God preparing the way. Can’t wait for that to happen. He prayed that God would do some amazing things on that land, and we echo that prayer with expectant hearts.


2 thoughts on “Expectant

  1. Hi, I am new to A2 website, was browsing through all the missionaries stories & got into your blog.
    I hope to connect with somebody who is reaching/walking with the Japanese people as they re-build
    with His grace & love. Gambatte!

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