Housing Update

We just sent out an email update –  this is almost the same info but for those who don’t receive our monthly updates.  (Please email us if you would like to begin receiving these!)

We have been very grateful for the home that God has provided for us for the past two months.  It has been a great place to start our new life here… just a short drive from Olivia’s kindergarten and the older kids’ elementary school, and a place where we have had a chance to meet and minister to the neighbors.

We need to move out of here by the end of this week.  At this point, we do not know where we will be moving to.  If nothing else opens up, we can move into one of the small apartments that Be One has been using to house volunteers.   We are happy to report that the land purchase should go through this week where we will build a pre-fab home as well as a smaller home to serve as a ministry center.  We’re not sure when that will be done- hopefully by early fall?  Another really positive thing is that there is a large team of volunteers from Hawaii coming this week who have offered to help us move, and that should help make it not as stressful.  But we certainly appreciate your prayers for this process!

There have been a lot of bumps in this road, for sure.  We keep thinking it will end and it hasn’t.  A lot of life is like this, isn’t it?  We have realized that our uncertainty and frequent changes in housing are helping us to better understand and empathize with the much more challenging plights of many of our Ishinomaki friends who’s homes were washed away.  And we also realize that this has been a great season to really seek to put faith into practice – not just talking about faith, but really trying to live out the reality of “believing in what we cannot see.”

Last week we studied together a rather obscure passage about Elisha in 2 Kings 3.  Three kings come together over their common dilemma – they desperately need water for their livestock and their people.  They call upon Elisha for answers;  he prays and orders the men to dig ditches.  The next morning God filled the ditches with water – not from wind or rain, but mysteriously, in a way that only God can do.   I love how Spurgeon writes about this:  “The Lord has His own sovereign modes of action:  He is not tied to manner and times as we are, but does as He pleases among the sons of men.  It is ours thankfully to reeve from HIm, and not to dictate to Him.”

So by faith, we are preparing to move in four days!  We have seen in our own lives; in the lives and examples of many of you;  in the testimonies of the saints of old and recent – God’s faithful and gentle and detailed love and care for His people.  We know He has not forgotten us.  But we are feeling a bit weary and ragged.  Please pray that our faith would not falter; pray for us to be genuine but also strong with our children as we go into another time of transition later this week.  Pray that this next moving experience would be another chance for God to shine!


3 thoughts on “Housing Update

  1. Praying for you right now, Sue! Hang in there. Praying for strength, and for encouragement and blessings this week! Know that you are loved! In Him, Diane

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