Last night we had a soup party for friends in the community and volunteers who are up this week. Because it is spring break in many different places, we have a large group of volunteers – over 30 or so. I sat at the party with two women who came for the first time with their families. Their homed were nearly destroyed last year in the tsunami, and they have been living in temporary housing ever since. Unfortunately, the housing is about 30 minutes away, so anytime they want to come back to the area that is familiar they have a long drive. They are so amazed that volunteers would come and help them fix of their homes, what they thought was impossible before. I saw hope in their eyes– that’s a great thing.

This morning after worship, our family went to the local food court for a quick lunch. We ran into one of Eric’s friends from this area. He is in his late 50s, a single man. Eric said when they first began helping him with his house, he was incredibly shy, and he never come out. As volunteers began helping him, he became less reclusive. A neighbor friend commenting on how much he has changed said that it is due to the love of the Be One volunteers. Tomorrow, he is starting a new job and he is so excited…He ran to the liquor section of the grocery store and brought back a huge bottle of sake for us in celebration…(any takers?) Its the first time he has worked in more than a year. Eric was shocked when our friend who I just met today asked my help in finding him a wife! (any takers?) This man is totally different than a year ago! It is a privilege to participate in what God is doing here.


2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Sue, nice sake is really good for cooking!! 🙂 Or invite that man to your house and have him drink it? I think I haven’t told you this but: I LONG to be there with you, I am so jealous of all the volunteers you mention. We are trying to move to Tokyo, so if we can first work that out….Praying for you and your transition, thankful that God is already showing how meaningful your presence is~

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