Continuing to seek clarity

Eric just got back from his two days up in Ishinomaki.  A lot of encouraging conversations; narrowing down some of the options;  praying and  looking and driving and looking and praying some more.  There are right now two potential lots that we could buy;  he and Chad went to both and prayed over them.  There are drawbacks with both, but some positive things as well (and both are more reasonable in price than other lots).  We have spent some time tonight looking over the information, the maps, googling the schools and the neighborhoods, and praying.  It does not feel clear;  we trust that God will make it clearer as we move forward.  I want to write that I don’t remember a day in recent past where news of your prayers, promises from the Bible, and words of encouragement have ever helped me so much personally. We are deeply grateful.


4 thoughts on “Continuing to seek clarity

  1. Dear Sue and Eric,

    I continue to think of what Owen said (about why you didn’t find a house in Sanda), and I believe that God is preparing something wonderful for you. Step by step He leads! Love and prayers! Kim

  2. Sue–we pray for you on Wednesdays, especially about your housing….
    Christine Nannery
    1st Baptist/Collingswood, NJ

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