Our latest newsletter – Announcing our Move

Attached is the newsletter that we have sent out this past week announcing our move up to Ishinomaki, in the Tohoku region.  We’ve made it web-friendly for our friends who don’t receive our letters- and left out some info that we don’t want floating on the web.  (If you’d like to get our newsletters, send us an email with your address and we will be sure it include you in future mailings).

(You can read it all attached here: takameternov11smlnewest

To read it in an easier format, open here:  takameternov11smlnewest


3 thoughts on “Our latest newsletter – Announcing our Move

  1. Holly and I are soooo happy for you all! Someplace new for us to visit “next time we’re in town” – yippee! Praise God!

  2. After reading your blog for some time, I’m not surprised to see you moving up to Tohoku. I’m sure God will bless you in the move – and may He give you many souls!
    If you can, put me on your email newsletter list, ok? I’ll keep you in my prayers, as Japan has a special part in my heart.
    Tammy Swailes

  3. Hi Sue and Eric,
    What a inspiring news letter! I shared it with my young co-worker who has been saying she wants to help out in Ishinomaki next summer. I’ve been praying that we will be able to raise fund and she will go with us. I have known her for short time, but I believe God touched her heart to love Japanese people.


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