Watch this Nine Minutes!

Life has felt incredibly full this week.  We are very thankful for Grace B., our college student who is here working with us, and we are excited as we prepare for three teams coming to Japan this summer and another high school friend Laura who is coming for a few weeks.  We feel really blessed by all that God is doing and how he is bringing people to be part of it.

Tonight I want to share an amazing nine minutes with you- it is worth the watch!  (And not just because Eric is in it).  Healing Hands Int’l sent three or four staff for a week to work up with the Tohoku team where Eric and others were ministering.  This video is hundreds of hours of video that they have done an amazing job condensing and summarizing what God has been doing.  We couldn’t have asked for a better summary of what we are excited about;  how God is using many people and relief funds to touch many lives.  Thanks for giving, for praying, for encouraging us these past few months.  Take a look at what’s going on, and know that it’s worth it all.



3 thoughts on “Watch this Nine Minutes!

  1. This video really made me surprised . The two kids of opening pic are the very kids I really want to see again! Yes, I met them in Ishinomaki! The girl is Sara chan and the boy is Ryuma kun. We played together on the piles of damaged tatami and I met their mom and grand mom, too and grand mom told me she lost her house and her husband by tsunami. But they enjoyed the BBQ and looked happy. Now in this video~Sara chan and Ryuma kun smiles and looks happy! Their smile gives us hope! I praise the Lord that He is using Be One Team so wonderfully and He is giving love and hope in Tohoku through the team!

    • Aiko-san….very interesting but I just played with Ryuma-kun at the beginning of August. He actually had lost one of his top front teeth…. And I heard after that he lost the other. I was with the MTW group from Chiba (actually, my friend lives there in Chiba, and I had some vacation after my business trip — so his family took me up to Ishinomaki). Please pray for him and his family!

    • Aiko-san, does anyone know where Ryuma-kun and his sister are now? I met them in August 2011 in Ishinomaki, and one of my friends (Japanese) had short messages by phone text message for 6-12 months after. Ryuma-kun must be 17-19 years old now! Please feel free to e-mail me at MEKUNSEL (at) Hotmail (dot) com

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