Prayer Against Injustice

There are some stories that I (Eric) was made aware of during my two weeks in Sendai that aren’t making the news.  Abandoned homes are being broken into in the stealth of the night, and valuable items are being taken before the owners are able to return.  Gasoline is being syphoned out of cars in restricted areas before the owners can return.  One story that I heard was about a member of a church that we worked with in Sendai.  He returned to his home to retrieve their television set which was located on the second floor of their house, and presumed safe from the tsunami that ripped through their first floor.  Upon arriving, he noticed that the second floor was mostly the way they had left it, except that the television was gone.  After searching a bit more, they found the television wrapped in a comforter in the bedroom.  People had gone in and quickly concealed the television so that they could take it in the cover of darkness.

Iwaki is a large city that is close to the evacuation radius of the nuclear power plant.  People being forced by the situation to flee are being met with discrimination as they are turned away from restaurants and other places of business because their license plates  on their car bear the city’s name.

Please pray against these and other ongoing injustices being inflicted upon those who are already suffering so much.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Against Injustice

  1. Oh! Most definitely! Lord, I ask that you commission angels to watch guard and stop the theivery. May their eyes be opened to see your angels standing guard, be stricken of conscience and come to know you! Lord may even their sin bring them to you and glory to your Kingdom! Amen

  2. Jesus, you know what injustice feels like. I pray that you comfort those being discriminated against. I also ask that your Holy Spirit hover over the cities where these things are happening, soften hearts and may they become overcome with compassion for their fellow man. May they come to know you, the source of love, compassion and justice. Amen

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