From Eric and the guys

Eric has had a really good day – I will let him and his colleagues speak for themselves.  Here are some photos and a video and things that Eric was able to post on Facebook today.

Today the guys went to Ishinomaki, one of the areas that is still so devestated by the tsunami and earthquake.  Eric’s descriptions and photos follow:

Prayers of petition on behalf of these hurting people.

A map of the community:

The water line reached the top of this photo

A woman tries on her new boots.

Our small contribution meant a lot to them.

The guys made a short video today while they were in this town:

Here is what Peter wrote on Facebook about what they were doing today:

Just loaded hygiene kits for 3,000 families. Each case covers 24 people. The first 300 cases were fine, then they got heavy. One team will take these to relief center, our team is heading to serve another church.

Afternoon we took as much as we could to public housing complex. No water, gas, electric. I helped a young mother carry water and goods to her apartment. Met her husband and kids. Ten minutes later, husband came to team with cokes to say thank you. We received more than we gave.

One of our colleagues, Kent, wrote about their experiences here;  another friend Roger, also blogged about it here.

Today our family missed Eric a lot.  But when I see the photos and the video, I really thank God that He can use our small offering- our husband and dad- to serve during these important weeks.


One thought on “From Eric and the guys

  1. Thanks for sharing these images and the video with us. This is going to be a long term thing so it is important that we keep getting reminded about the important work being done over there.

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