Dinner Talk

The other day we were getting out dinner, cleaning off the table, putting Ian up in his seat, and in the midst of this din Annie said from across the room, “Mommy, are you going to get rid of me some day?”

As a mom still learning how to be appropriately sensitive to issues of adoption, I knew I needed to set dinner aside and deal with this.  Over the past six months Annie and Olivia have been thankfully very vocal about how they have been processing their understanding of being adopted.  They have both struggled at different times with why their birth mother did not want them and is not a part of their lives now.  Olivia at times has wondered out loud who her “real” mom is.  We have continued to emphasize how God has made us a forever family, and have tried to deal with things as they come up.  So this question from Annie was not one I could ignore.

I set down the dishes and went over to her.   I hugged her.  “Annie.  We will NEVER EVER get rid of you.  You are a part of our family.  We love you now; we love you forever.  No matter WHAT.”

She cocked her head at me.  “Hmm?  I was just asking if you are going to get rid of that video some day…”

I don’t know who laughed harder – Eric or me.  Funny what we think we hear at times….


One thought on “Dinner Talk

  1. Oh, Sue…these are tough conversations aren’t they! I am sure your girls feel secure. But sometimes its we adoptive moms who have the insecurities!

    Loved it! See you soon.

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