They had Us Over for Dinner Anyway

There were a lot of reasons why the K. family would never have us over to their home for a meal:

1) they have a small apartment;  2) they’ve never had another family over to their home; (most Japanese typically do not entertain in their homes)  3) Mr. K. works crazy hours, 6 days a week as the owner/chef of a small restaurant in town as has little family time;  4) we have four children!  No one has families over for dinner with four children! (Okay- so that’s my fear.  I’m getting over it).

But they DID invite us over last Sunday.  And we had such a wonderful time.  A great spread:

There was a creative welcome sign hanging in their living room (our friends had to look up how to spell our names in English):

We’ve gotten to know the K. family through our children.  Their oldest daughter, Y., has been Owen’s special friend for the last three years.  We’ve written about their special friendship before.  Annie has become friends with their younger daughter, H., although they haven’t been in the same class yet (hopefully this coming April!).  They play together really nicely.  Both of their girls love taking care of Olivia and Ian, too.

I’ve had a chance to get to know the mom, Chi., and she’s come to a number of different events we’ve done.   We have been quite excited to find out that Ian will have a playmate — they are expecting a little boy in June.

The grandparents and Chi.’s sister came, as well as our friend Mary.  They all loved on Ian!

Here is the gang of us:

We’ve had a lot of  families over to our home for dinner over the years, and will continue to do so.  But it is always a special treat when our Japanese friends invite us into their home, their world.   We are given the chance to know them more, to show we care about the little details of their lives. It was interesting because just before everyone started eating, the sister stopped the digging-in process and said, “Wait!  We need to pray first!..”  She remembered being at our home before and this important custom for us.  So Eric prayed a blessing over this family, inviting the presence of Jesus into their home.  God is amazing — He can somehow take the clay pots of our family, and as we sup and play with these friends in their home, I do believe that He joins us there.  Jesus came to the K. family’s home for dinner.  His name might not have been written on a heart on the wall, but I know He was there, enjoying the time probably more than us.


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