We have a wonderful reminder every day when we walk into the kitchen of what it’s all about…


These are faces from the Christmas card photos we received last year.  (A few cards got lost in our transition from the U.S. to Japan- sorry if your photo didn’t make it).  We love seeing the people who are so integral to what we are doing in Japan.  To who we are.  Those who pray for us.  Our kids – our family– have such an amazing safety net surrounding us!  There are days that feel a bit lonely in our ministry.  This poster reminds us that we are loved — what a wonderful thing.


2 thoughts on “Faces

  1. Sue – I LOVE THIS! What a cool idea. It is like looking at everyone who loves you at one time. And I feel blessed that our photo made it:) Hope your family is getting (and staying) healthy. This H1N1 scares me. Take care.

    Many blessings!

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