Golden Girls

This past week marked a string of holidays in Japan that has given these days  the nickname “Golden Week”.  It’s a peak time for travel across Japan — we heard some nightmare stories of the many hours it took to get somewhere by car or bus.  We just laid low–with numerous opportunities to spend time with special friends (thanks Masons for coming here to spend the day), and some neighbors.   It other ways it was, in part, a girl type of week!

1.  One highlight was a girls’ night and boys night that we did with our friends the Thomsons.  Eric and Owen went over to their home for a sleepover with all of their guys;  Wendi and their two girls came and partied with me, Annie, and Olivia.  After a fun dinner out, we did all kinds of girly things… watching a princess movie in our pjs…


doing our nails…


and a special highlight was when Wendi, Olivia and I did facials consisting of raw egg and oatmeal.  Finally Annie insisted that we take it off because it wasn’t a pretty sight…

img_2293img_2290The next morning after breakfast we made special Mother’s Day purse cards for all of the Grandmas, with the special benefit of glitter that is still sparkling up our home…


We topped off our time with every girl’s favorite place to hang — Starbucks!


It was a really special time for fun, bonding, and sharing.

 2.   Question:  What would make these four girls in our living room smile so big?





Seeing baby Samuel for the first time! Bobby and Claire  had been with us here in Japan for three years are now in England — we had a chance to see their 2-week baby for the first time – on the computer, thanks to Skype.  What could make girls happier than seeing a beautiful baby cooing at them?

3.  Our friend Megumi came from Tokyo for a visit and stayed with us several nights.  Our kids were delighted (and keep asking now where she is and why she had to go back home).  She did makeup and hair with the girls; played Wii with Owen and Eric; and went with us to a fun kids’ park with our neighbor friends.  

4.  The golden week ended with a special treat — watermelon brought by our neighbor friend mrs. I.!  There were a lot of happy girls (and boys too!) enjoying this sweet treat with happy hearts after a special week.



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