Unfading Memories

Last week we visited an older family friend, Audrey. She had been my mom’s closest friend when they were in high school and college. Although they hadn’t stayed close over the years, there was always a bond because of the many memories they had shared in their youthful years.
When we arrived at 9:30 in the morning, Audrey pulled out treats — chocolate chip mint ice cream! She explained: “When your mom and I went on a Youth for Christ retreat to Indiana when we were 17 years old, we had to take an all-night bus. We made a morning stop for 30 minutes, and your mom said, ‘come on Audrey! Let’s go get ice cream!'” I had never heard of eating ice cream in the morning, but we sure enjoyed it. So I bought ice cream so that we could enjoy it this morning, too.”
Olivia was thrilled — and Eric and I chuckled our way through. It felt somehow strangely bonding with my mom who has been gone for almost twenty years.
Before we left, Audrey gave me some fun old photos of her and my mom and their group of friends. She also showed me a present she had received from my mom about — 62 years ago. The writing was a bit faded, but it was undeniably my mom’s, and the message is one that never changes:
(“Audrey – For graduation from good old B.I.O.PA. May this help you to continue to grow in the grace, knowledge, and love of our Saviour. Love, Dottie John 15:5)


2 thoughts on “Unfading Memories

  1. Sue,
    Beautiful post! Wonderful window into how your mom loved and lived, and how the Lord uses those who love him across generations. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What a special gift to you! To be able to connect dots, to run across things that your mom wrote, to hear the stories… I love it! Our moms are together in that great cloud of witnesses, and we have been blessed because of their faithfulness!

    Love you!

    And…we always offered icecream for breakfast on our kids birthdays.

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