Fa la la la la

We had a great musical weekend!  It started on Friday night with our kids singing their hearts out at their school’s Thanksgiving concert.  We loved how they both sang with so much gusto… and we loved understanding all the words!  (At their concerts in Japan their were some songs where we would scratch our heads and try and figure out what the meaning of all those words were)…  We have really been thrilled with the education that they have been receiving, and the combined emphasis on academics, social skills, and their spiritual lives.  Annie’s teacher (below in the green top hugging Annie), Miss Thomas, is interested in leading a short-term team to Japan sometime in the next year or so!

(Below:  Annie singing “God’s not dead”;  Owen singing a LONG version of “Emmanuel”)



The following morning, we took the local train into Philadelphia to attend the Philadelphia Orchestra’s family concert.  Our friends Roger and Lisa-Beth got us great seats – the kids really loved watching the instruments so close.  Later, we had a chance to go to lunch with Lisa-Beth.

We love musical celebrations;  we love the many experiences we are getting during this season of our lives.




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