Thanking a Veteran

Yesterday, Veteran’s Day, Eric was spending the day helping my Dad with some outside projects.  We had an idea during breakfast to surprise my Dad and take him to lunch to thank him for being a veteran.  Eric drove him to Chick-Fil-A, my Dad’s favorite! — and Olivia and I came and surprised him.  I think I forget that my Dad is a veteran… that he was drafted at the age of 22 to go to Korea, and shortly after boot camp his lottery number was drawn and he was one of the first sent into the front lines.  HIs sister typed up all of the letters that he sent home into a notebook of memoirs… I am hoping to spend some time reading through it.

During lunch, he told us about an experience when he had returned to the US from combat.  He was stationed in Washington D.C., and General Marshall invited him and about eleven other military men over to his home in Leesburg, VA.  It was fun how clearly my Dad remembered that evening – quite unforgettable.

When Eric and Dad got into the car, my Dad said, “No one’s ever thanked me for being a veteran before.”  I need to be more intentional and better at showing my thanks.  Thanks, Dad!

(Below- a recent visit between my Dad and Annie and Olivia).



One thought on “Thanking a Veteran

  1. I like your cherry blossom tree! I hope you all enjoy spending the holidays in the US this year (I know you’ll be missing Japan, though).

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