My Election Night Prayer

We haven’t turned the news on yet.  In some ways we wanted to watch the election news with a group of people, and make Martha-Stewart-election-night-cupcakes and the whole shabang.  But on the other hand I feel a sense of gravity about tonight.

Last night Eric and I had our Monday night meeting/prayer time that we try to do weekly, and we spent time praying about the election.  I wasn’t sure how to pray at first, but I found myself praying for the two candidates… not who would or should win, but rather praying for their hearts.  I prayed that these two men would both be struck anew with the responsibility of the position they wish to assume, and would fall on their knees in humility and recognition of their need for God as they have never done before.  A million dollars would never be enough for me to want this position  – nor want my husband to have it– but  for these two men and their wives, and their VP choices — how much I pray that they are trusting in God as they never have before.  “To whom much is given, much is expected…”  I will keep praying this into the night, and praying that our response to the results models who God wants us to be — people of integrity, prayer, and humility, not divisive people of hatred and sarcasm.


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