Kiss and Tell

Eric picked up Owen and Annie from school.  Coming home in the car, Annie announced, “I like kissing boys.”  (Good thing I wasn’t in the car!)  Eric asked, “How do you know?”  Response:  “Because I kissed Jason today.”  Calm dad:  “Annie, remember what we talked about?  Girls aren’t supposed to kiss boys; boys kiss girls.”  Annie: “Oh, OK.” (So, it might have been different for a few of you, but don’t tell Annie that!)

Today, when I was at the school serving as room mother, I asked the teacher for her version.  She witnessed the whole thing, and it seemed to surprise both Annie and Jason when it happened (thankfully seemingly un-premeditated!).  But apparently  Jason had a HUGE smile on his face afterward.

Here we go!  Hopefully she’ll keep talking to us about these things… but hopefully we won’t need to have a lot of conversations again like this  for at least a few more years.


2 thoughts on “Kiss and Tell



    She is so funny. In another 10 years or so, she is going to look back on this and be mortified. 😀

  2. Sue,
    my first kiss was in kindergarten, not to worry, Annie will turn out just fine 😉 (i still remember running to the car that day to tell my mom about it!)

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